Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What happened to this week?

It's Thursday afternoon but my brain hasn't caught up yet and feels it's still only Tuesday. It's the last few days of term for the kids and for the first time I feel they've really crammed the summer term full of activities this year, for I. especially as it's her last term at this school. A whole day at her new school, the opening of the new garden at N.'s reception/year 1 class, including a little tea party, the whole school trip to the museum of East Anglian Life. Top that with lots of happenings at work (finding a new translator to start immediately is beginning to resemble mission impossible), and you can imagine sleep seems an unnecessary luxury.

The highlight of this week though was the arrival of this:

After 2 1/2 months without a valid passport, it feels very liberating to know that I can just drive to Harwich and get on the boat. And as mum is having the results of her MRI scan next week on Thursday, the first thing I did after signing for the registered post parcel, was go to Stena Line and book myself on the ferry for next week. I haven't been to Holland since January and I can't wait...