Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just a quick one

It's been a bit busy here since I last posted. Unexpected visit from dad as I came down with a bad bout of flu, visit from mum for my 40th birthday (hence the cards on the mantelpiece!), lots of snow, work, trying to get ready for Christmas and now two children at home too (but am I enjoying having them here!).
In between the madness there is lots of crafting going on, including this garland with christmassy stars. Free pattern can be found here.
Back to work, the stollen that is busy proving in the kitchen and the mulled wine that still needs to be made! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life's complicated

Love the mug... Sinterklaas present from my mum. We did Sinterklaas last night/this morning, but I was feeling so lousy (ibuprofen not kicked in yet this morning) that I didn't get any photos, apart from this one which now has tea with honey in it - one of the few things I enjoy at the moment. I know I'm properly ill when I lose my appetite...

PS the little cat comes out of a series of children's books that most Dutch children grow up with: Jip and Janneke. The drawings are instantly recognisable and the cat gets used as a toy in quite a number of stories.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanks for all the well wishes - she had a more 'permanent' cast put on on Friday, which needs to stay on till Christmas Eve. No sling this time, so she should have a bit more freedom of movement. This time she chose green, as it was almost neon green, she said! She seems quite cheerful, a bit frustrated if anything that she can't do that much.
Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a throat bug in the hospital (or I suspect that's where it's come from), and I'm feeling really run down. And too much to do this week :-( really haven't got time to be ill.

Back to the sofa...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The joys of snow

That tangle of hair is my 11 year old, who managed yesterday to slip and fall on the one icy patch left at school... and fracturing her wrist in the process. As she came home in tears with pain and it was the arm that she broke three years ago too, we went off to A&E. Three hours later and we were home with the by now familiar plastercast. Fortunately it's not a serious fracture, the cast doesn't go all the way around and can come off in two weeks' time, all being well. She was home today for a bit of recuperation, she's quite cheerful about it all (told me she was going for pink this time if they replace her cast tomorrow with a new one, and thinks she might work her way through the colours of the rainbow), and had a good laugh that even the new sling we put on, was the one from last time!

This came in the post today, my dishcloth from Kellie on Ravelry. Really happy with it - it's such a fun swap and a lovely group to be part of! If you're reading this Kellie: thank you very much!