Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exclusion zone

You wouldn't say that this boy has a superbout of tonsilitis would you? He came home on Sunday with a very blocked up nose. By Tuesday evening his breath began to smell. By Wednesday morning his glands were as large as golf balls. Needless to say he's now on penicillin! This photo is from yesterday afternoon and it was the first time he got off the sofa (apart from the visit to the GP) to do a little playing. I'm getting slight cabin fever and thoroughly fed up with Cbeebies... Looks like he'll be off school rest of the week too. I've instated an exclusion zone around the house and hope that the rest of us don't get it - so far, touch wood, we seem okay!

Spot the supply of Calpol and penicillin in the background ;-)
This seems to be our favourite meal at the moment: homemade burgers, homemade rolls, homemade chips. It's my version of McDonalds, but then cheaper and healthier. That is, if I manage not to pinch the kids' leftovers...

To prevent the onset of boredom I've been reading blogs here and there, and came across this website which shows name trends. You put in a name and it shows you when it was popular. When I put in my own name, the result made me laugh:

I've been getting on with Shaun and all that's left is his ears and then his head needs to be sewn on. I've been procrastinating as I was scared he would turn out not looking like Shaun at all, but he looks very cute so far. And not before time - the baby who he is meant for, is due in the next three weeks!