Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snowflakes, socks and spring daisies

Well, that's what you get if you cut out snowflake flannel pj bottoms in December but then have no time to sew them up for another 4 months: snowflakes in daisies!

Very simple pair of pjs, bottoms are from Ottobre, top is RTW but appliqued a little snowflake on front to make it a matching item.

School socks for N. He's a very grateful recipient of handknitted socks and when I finished the first one, he wore it straightaway. Of course it's now really getting rather warm for handknitted socks, but chances are he'll wear them anyway. 56 stitches on size 2.25 needles, garter rib, can't remember the yarn! I think it's Trekking. I can't believe how big his feet are getting, these are a perfect fit, but I doubt they'll fit for the Autumn term in September....