Friday, June 19, 2009

Presents (presenting several FO's)

Four weeks ago friends of mine had baby twins, a boy and a girl. They didn't know the sex before the babies were born, but I knew I wanted to make something for them. I deliberated for ages between knitting and sewing, and ended up doing both once I could choose colours safely (I find choosing unisex colours quite hard, apart from white or cream, and I didn't want to make two identical outfits).

For starters I knitted these hats. In fact, I knitted these hats three times, two lilac ones and one brown one (more info on Ravelry). The first lilac one went to a friend in Holland who gave birth a few weeks early just before we were last over in Holland. I did the finishing off on the overnight ferry! The pattern is a freebie from Woolly Wormhead, whose hats I love. I've also discovered I really enjoy knitting hats, they go fast, they don't have many sizing issues, they're useful. A Woolly Wormhead beret (Meret) is on the to do list next.

I. kept asking for some fabric with monkeys on from the colormeflannel coop in the US, and I chose the wrong one. So that got made into this nightie

and with some other flannel which N. has really outgrown, I made these pjs:

There was supposed to be a flannel top with it, but that turned into such a disaster that it ended up in the bin. I bought the little red tshirt and cut a square from the fabric and zigzagged around the edges.

The patterns were from a Dutch sewing magazine (Knippie) from several years ago, I'd made them both before for a Secret Santa swap.

A couple of photos of all the presents, which are all handmade, albeit not all by me.

Mum knitted the little bootees (in fact, she made 4 pairs, as two colleagues from work are expecting babies too), and the sleepyhead dolls come from Liz, a sewing/knitting friend.

We're going to meet the twins tomorrow and I'm looking forward to gifting these!