Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It's been a while since my last Daybook, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and really think about it. Things are slowly returning to normal now - kids back at school, me back at work, normal routine really. So here goes!

For Tuesday 11 January

Outside my window... it's looking gloomy. Not quite getting dark yet, as the afternoons are beginning to lengthen a tiny bit - started to notice it this weekend. But it's been wet and windy, everything's muddy. We've lost the dark days before Christmas, but there is no real hint of Spring yet. Gloomy.

I am thinking... that I want to get started on my daily weather photo again. I started this over a year ago and kept it up for about 2 months and really enjoyed it. Like so many photographic projects, I forgot one day, then another, and before you know it, you've stopped altogether. But I may just go and pick up I. from the bus stop in a bit to take an afternoon photo.

I am thankful for... B. helping me clear up bits of the garden, which has been terribly overgrown and frankly, a mess, for a long time. I manage to keep the house tidy, feed the kids, make sure we have clean laundry, that sort of thing, but anything on the outside just feels daunting. It's just so much easier when someone else helps.

From the kitchen... are lots of homecooked meals again. I went back to WeightWatchers on Thursday and although the Christmas damage wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, there is still a little that needs to come off again. Besides, I had been eating badly since the beginning of December, possibly earlier even, and not exercising, and we just went from one cold and flu to the next during the holidays. So, today I had chorizo and tomato soup from the slow cooker (unfortunately with a bit more than a hint of cayenne pepper, so it was a touch on the spicy side!) and tonight we're having pasta marinara.

I am wearing... lots and lots of layers. I am low on heating oil and although I've ordered a full tank, it could take the oil company till 3 February to deliver. They're normally faster than they say, but in the meantime I'm being quite economical with the heating, not having it on when the kids aren't here. It also means that the house is never really very warm (and it's such a hard house to heat as it is), we only just take the edge off the cold. The kids are quite resilient, N. doesn't really feel the cold much and I. just goes around in lots of layers. At the moment I'm wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, a tunic, a thin ski fleece, a very thick woollen sweater and my green bodywarmer. You sit still all day, you get cold!

I am creating... another dishcloth for my swap, a crochet one this time. Plus a little present for my baby cousin-several-times-removed who has her 1st birthday next month, but not sure if anybody on that side of the family reads my blog, so better not say too much! Have just ordered some wool to knit a new hat for N., and ordered enough to make him some gloves and possibly a scarf.

I am going... to make a pot of tea in 20 minutes, so I. and I can have a catch-up when she comes home from school.

I am reading... nothing much at the moment. I was reading Stephen Fry's autobiography which I got given as a birthday present, but am struggling with it. Some bits are very good, some bits are incomprehensible, some bits are just plain weird. I like Stephen Fry and think that if I finish his book, I may not like him as much. So I'll probably give up.

I am hoping... that the sun will reappear some time soon.

I am hearing... Radio 4, but not even sure what's on at the moment!

Around the house... all the Christmas stuff has gone. The tree was dropping needles very very badly, causing me to wonder if I should get a fake one next year (and I really, really don't like fake Christmas trees). I think I've got over that now - we have far too many Christmas decorations to fit in a fake tree. I'm missing all the little decorations though, the stars, the trees, but it does look tidier in here and a bit more spacious.

One of my favourite things... is watching the birds in my apple tree. I have hung up lots of fat balls and nets with seeds, and it is a constant coming and going. They even seem to queue in order to feed. I could watch them for hours.

A few plans for the rest of the week... nothing out of the ordinary - we have our regular library visit tomorrow, I'm going to the office later this week, back to WeightWatchers on Thursday, and a child-free weekend (which I don't really enjoy).

A picture for thought I'm sharing...

This is I. with her baby cousin, who is one of the smiliest babies I've ever seen. In another few years, those two are going to be trouble.

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