Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday 8 May

A busy weekend

And not just this weekend - the rest of the week too.

There is a little bit of news about mum. So far, it looks like it is possible to do a lumpectomy. Of course this is a great relief, it's much less invasive than a mastectomy - it can even be done as a day procedure with no overnight stay. She'll probably be operated on early next week, which means I'll be off to Holland this coming weekend. I'll stay for as long as she needs help with cooking, cleaning, taking care of her animals.
Having a date for the operation makes me feel a lot less restless than I did earlier this week. A plan of action is in place, things are moving along, I know what is happening when. It's the not knowing that I find so tiring, wondering if you have to pack your bags at short notice and being uncertain of when you'll be back. I feel a lot more optimistic now that things are being done.

On Thursday, B. and I went to London for the recording of the News Quiz. The BBC often issues tickets for the recording of radio shows for free, and we've been to a few of them, but I had always wanted to go to the News Quiz. It was well worth the late night - Sandi Toksvig and Jeremy Harding were great. They're so quick witted and never laugh at their own jokes (although I have heard Sandi on the radio in fits of laughter at other people's jokes). The recording lasted an hour and a half, and they edit that down to a half hour show which is broadcast the following evening. We both listened, but neither of us could hear ourselves or the other laughing!
Well worth a listen to on BBC iPlayer.

Yesterday, B. installed a new bike computer on my bike. Years ago, his dad found an abandoned bike in a ditch next to one of their fields. When it wasn't picked up after a few days, I claimed it as mine and started exploring around their farm, going further and further afield as I became more familiar with the area. Last year, after 2000 miles together, I managed to get a shoe lace trapped in the chain and fell off the bike, and the bike computer stopped working. After that, I found it hard to summon up enthusiasm to get on the bike, still going but often returning after half an hour or so, thinking 'I've done my 30 minutes of exercise for today'. But yesterday he put a new computer on and I wanted to cycle to Bungay to get something from the local Coop supermarket there. It turned into a 22 mile bike ride which I thoroughly enjoyed. So I did another one today, but took photos along the way to show how great Norfolk is for cycling (it's mostly flat...!)

At the start of the ride, just coming out of Fritton and heading towards Hempnall, showing the grey, threatening clouds (I was lucky and only had a few drops of rain).

This road name always makes me wonder where it came from. Norfolk is good with descriptive road names - we have a Lonely Road and a Doctor's Lane nearby - but I suspect the Krons may have been a wealthy family in Hempnall.

This is the house just along from The Krons, called Krons Manor.

View towards the war memorial in Hempnall.

A barn along the way towards Saxlingham Green

On my way to Shotesham St Mary, I spotted a derelict church just yards from the current church. Very odd sight - I took a small detour to have a look but it was all roped off with warning signs all around it. According to B. they have recently cleared the ivy off, so maybe they're planning to do something with it.

Stoke Holy Cross Church

There is the odd hill in Norfolk... makes it look very pretty!

I didn't even know there was a Boudicca Way - it must be fairly well hidden as this was the only sign I saw for it!

An unusual looking gable.

I think this is Shotesham Church.

Another road name that makes you wonder!

View towards Hempnall Church

You see this style of building a lot in Norfolk. Most houses are less in need of a lick of paint though! This one sadly is a closed-down pub.

Not just hills, windmills too!

The Methodist Church in Hempnall

Shelton Church. It's one I've cycled past so often and one of my favourites. There are no houses nearby, just a primary school, and it seems strangely ornate for an area which is not very densely populated.

I had a quick look inside, it was very quiet and peaceful, and just as beautiful as the outside. Well worth a repeat visit.

Another ten minutes and I was back home. Slightly saddle sore but very much enjoyed exploring again.

Just a few quick photos of progress on the build:


Inside upstairs. This last picture was taken by B, as I don't do very well on ladders and I refuse to climb in...

After I came back home and we'd had our supper, we took our neighbour's dog for a walk. She's getting quite old and can't walk very well anymore since breaking her hip a few years ago, and isn't really able to take the dog walking. During the holidays we took it out one afternoon, which we all enjoyed, so tonight, with the nice weather still continuing, we went out for another hour. N. on the bike, I. with the dog on the lead and me with the camera.

The pargeting on the house across the road from mine - isn't it pretty?

I have been crafting as well, but nothing much to show for it and it's a picture heavy post as it is! I'll try to post more often with slightly shorter posts...