Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday 21 September

I love Autumn. There is something to like about all seasons, but Autumn has something special. It starts off with the heavier dew in the mornings, which can start as early as August. Really, once harvest is out of the way, Autumn is sneaking its feet under the table. A tree will have some turning leaves. The days become shorter, the shadows longer. And then it's back to school and signs of Autumn become unmistakeable. The hedges are full of berries and their colour complements the gold and brown of the leaves so beautifully. There are apples in abundance. The light and even the smells change. And I love it. I want to cook hearty meals in the slow cooker. Draw the curtains and light the candles. Listen to the wind howling outside and kick the leaves on the ground. Pick apples and sloes and blackberries and pears and not let anything go to waste. And more than at any other time of the year I want to knit - snuggle up on the sofa, the radio or television on, and knit endlessly. Such simple pleasures - but what could be better?