Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 12 June

The theme for the June Popular Crafts swap was Union Jack. I wasn't sure at first whether to sign up, the Union flag not really being my flag, but it is such a friendly swap that I couldn't resist. My swap partner was Simmi from Graces Favours. We emailed a few times, we followed each other on Pinterest, but I had no inspiration. I kept coming up with different ideas then discarding them. In the end a neighbour who is a crafter too, suggested a pincushion. Brilliant - not so large that it is hard or expensive to send, and practical too as Simmi sews a lot with felt. I had everything I needed for the pincushion at home, all little bits I'd saved 'just in case'. I tried to find a box of Jubilee coloured pins but had to settle for red ones in the end, but thought they went well with the cushion.

 (photo is Simmi's as I forgot to take one before I posted my parcel!)

Simmi's parcel to me arrived before I sent mine, and imagine my surprise when I opened it and found this...

Yes, Simmi had made me a pincushion too, almost the same size, also with a ribbon at the top! The only difference is that Simmi made the Dutch flag on the back - I was so touched by that. Also included in the parcel were lavender bath crystals which made the whole parcel smell lovely, a Jubilee brooch and probably my favourite part, the button magnets - they are so sweet. I have a sneaky suspicion I may have those on one of my Pinterest boards...
Simmi, it's been a great swap, thank you, and I hope we'll stay in touch!

The next theme is polka dots but I'm giving it a miss for a few months. So far this year I have made very little for myself and it's getting me a little down. I love swaps but find it hard sometimes to send away what I've made. So the second half of 2012 is going to be for me!