Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday 4 October

O I love a good post day!

A couple of days ago I received a message to say I had won a giveaway on a blog. It was a fairly new to me blog that I found through Claire who I did a swap with a few months ago. Joanne from Not so granny held a giveaway to celebrate the first anniversary of her blog, so I left a comment. By the time she mailed me to say I'd won her mystery yarny parcel, I'd forgotten all about it...

I came home today after a long day helping out on a school geography trip to Dunwich with 10 year old to find my parcel in the porch. Ooo exciting!

The colours are a bit off here, but the blue Debbie Bliss is definitely my cup of tea. Not sure what it wants to be yet, but 6 balls of yarn to drool over, bliss! Plus some lovely stitch markers, cable needles and stitch holders. Thank you so much Joanne, I'm hoping to show you what they've become in due course!

Talking about cups of tea, the other parcel in the post today was from my friend Mandie in Cornwall. Mandie and I did a swap too earlier this year and found we had so much in common that we've become firm friends. I still live in the old days of pay as you go on my mobile. I've had to top up a lot more in the last few months as we keep texting each other! Sometimes we send each other parcels and this came from her today:

The I love tea sticker really made me laugh - specially as it's from the Tea Appreciation Society - how brilliant is that? I might just have to join them...

And last but not least, a lovely view towards Southwold from Dunwich. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life. I just love the beach.