Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday 5 April

To mijn grote meid, my babycakez,

 This is you aged about two. Even back then you were quite a willing model for my creations. I have been a knitter and seamstress for as long as I can remember, but my hormones went into overdrive when I was pregnant with you and then when you were born. I knitted and sewed for you until you no longer wanted to wear my creations - which made me a bit sad but I suppose is quite a natural stage. I'd knitted that sweater (and had had a little bit of an argument with the lady in the yarn shop over it as I wanted to use all Rowan cottons and they had to order the yellow specially, and couldn't convince me to use yellow from another brand!) and I'd made the skirt and purely by coincidence they matched perfectly. It was quite a bright outfit for me, but you looked very sweet in it. I suspect the sweater is still in the loft.

Today you're 14 and you have changed so much, but one thing has stayed the same: you're still my very willing model, even if the item you're modelling is not actually for you. And as I'd much rather look at a photo of you than of myself, we do the odd photoshoot together.
You are becoming more independent all the time. This Easter holidays you're spending a lot of time with friends, going to sleepovers, shopping trips in Cambridge. You have chosen your GCSE's and can't wait to get started on them - it's been great fun helping you choose, specially because your interests mirror mine so closely from my days at secondary school. I'm careful not to push you in a certain direction though but rather let you find your own way, while being there in the background if you need me. It feels a bit like when your child has just learnt to walk - you have let go of their hands but are there to catch them if they stumble.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the teenage years but so far, I couldn't ask for any better. I love spending time with you (even if you do get very active in the evening just as I'm winding down for bed :-) and I love being your mamma.

Happy birthday big girl!
Mamma xxx