Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo post

I've been feeling rather grumpy the last few days. Lots of work, lots of people pulling me into all directions, no me time at all. The latter especially is a sure bet for grumpiness. Grumpiness stops me wanting to write. So instead here are some photos.

Token has discovered he can get outside through the velux window. Snickers did it first, and when Token spotted her, you could see him thinking 'ah! I want to do that too'. He's much more agile than Snickers, and happily climbs the roof, goes over the top and comes back in through another window on the other side. What he hasn't worked out yet is that if you sit down on the open velux, the window will close. He did precisely that last night. I was in bed, heard the window close, followed by the sound of cat nails being scraped on roof tiles, followed by a loud 'boomph' - a definite sound of a cat falling off a roof. B. runs out, only to find Token madly dashing across the lawn. Maybe it's true cats always land on their feet.

'Hello, are you still in bed then? isn't it time you two got up, lazybones?' (Tokey looking at us through velux from outside)

Two things that cheered me up today (much needed):
I.'s blue toenails, matching her wellies ('mamma why are you taking a picture? You're going to send it to someone aren't you?')

And the arrival of soft, cuddly yarn in the post

which has turned into this

and is going to be this

Present for I.'s form teacher, as I. is leaving primary school this year and moving on to middle school.

O and yesterday this arrived in the post:

For those of you not au fait with Shaun the Sheep, click the link...
Cuddly toy will be for baby of colleague who is mad about Shaun the Sheep. Much to I.'s disappointment. I think I may have to knit her one too. She'll have to wait though till I've finished mysocalled scarf (or two or three).

PS Still running. I'm increasing the jogging and slowly decreasing the walking, and am on 5 min runs now. I won't be able to run the entire 5 kilometers next week, but it won't have been for lack of trying. I'm a bit disappointed, but it was always a tall order, and I've managed to get this far without injury and without losing interest. And when the race is over, I'll carry on running until I can do 5 kilometers - that's my next challenge!