Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things that made me happy today

In the same vein as Three beautiful things, but then a few more as I couldn't whittle them down...

1. Managing to do three 5 mins runs (with two 3 mins intervals). Hard work but I so enjoy finding that I can push myself that much further than I'd ever have expected. I'll be pleased as punch if I can do 20 mins continuous running next week.

2. Eating a 'secret' icecream with N. after we'd dropped I. off for brownies, and N. saying 'don't tell I., mamma'.

3. After three false starts, finally working out how this stitch pattern works without the scarf going all wonky (it was veering towards the left yesterday).

4. Looking forward to my Saturday with the kids this week. Swimming, coffee in cafe, walk through park, lunch at California Kitchen, market shopping. All part of a very predictable routine but this week's been so busy and we get very little time to actually enjoy each other's company.

Maybe this was a Love Thursday post....