Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And sometimes more is definitely less

I think I have cast on for this cowl at least 6 times. The first three times were to get the number of stitches right - my yarn is a lot thinner than the pattern specifies, so I had to experiment to get the right number of stitches so the thing would actually go over my head. Then I kept making mistake after mistake - miscounted stitches, knitted a wrong row of the pattern, I can't remember what else but I'm sure there were more. If I'd actually been able to make progress in all that time, I'm sure I would have finished by now... This photo is from this afternoon; the kids had a catwalk at school tonight and I had to drop them off 45 mins before the start of the show. Not worth going back home, so I sat in the car and knitted. I've now done two pattern repeats and have started the third one. The yarn is from Hipknits, I love the variegation (blue with a hint of grey and the odd pink streak) and so far I'm loving the lace pattern. I want it done by Bonfire Night - and I want it to be cold enough so I can wear it for Bonfire Night.