Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying visit

Two days in Holland, crammed full of activities. It was good to spend some time with everybody without being distracted by work and other mundane, everyday activities. Best of all, it's only 6 weeks before we go again.
Quick photo impression:

Very windswept hair on windy ferry!

Looking at all the ferries and boats passing in Harwich port.

Little boy on wide beach early in the morning.

View towards the port at Hoek van Holland, again early morning.

Sunday was a visit to the Hoge Veluwe. Art combined with nature (o and quite a lot of rain!) makes for an entertaining visit any time of the year. The staircase is 'real' art, the bike in the tree was probably by a visitor who felt inspired...
Half the park was closed off as they were holding running races. I. and I have decided that next year we'll enter one of them - what a fantastic landscape to go running in.

We're all feeling shattered but I definitely feel I've recharged my batteries - which is what I was looking for.