Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FO: hot water bottle cover

I knitted this for mum as a late birthday present. I was going to knit her a little toy rabbit after I'd forwarded her the link to the pattern for it and she said she wouldn't mind getting that, but once I got started on it, it just wasn't coming together - it was too small, it wasn't cute, it wasn't soft. So I gave up on it and came up with another idea. Last time I was in Holland, she said a few times how cold she was, so a hot water bottle was a good idea. A cover was an even better idea. Yarn came from Violet Green, I thought she would like this as it looks like it's been spun straight off the sheep, and she has a wool blanket in these colours. I finished it while we were in Lyme Regis, dad took it back to Holland with him, and it's been declared a success. I liked knitting it too, and the cables look much more intricate than they were. More details on ravelry.

I've been given a blog award which I'll save for a post on its own. I'm immensely chuffed....