Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowy day

I'm sure most blogs in the UK had white posts either yesterday or today. No exception here!
We don't get much snow where we are, so when we do, it's always an event. When we get as much as we did yesterday, it turns into a major event. Schools close, airports shut down, cars get stranded, trains stop running and all news has to make way for snowy stories. I find it quite amusing as it is so predictable - at least once a year we have some 'freak' weather event that grips the country and grinds it to a halt, whether it's snow, storm or a heavy frost. And when it's all over and life returns to normal, we get the analysis: what could be done differently next time? And it seems nothing is done differently next time, because a few months later we get a repeat performance with some other weather phenomenon.

The kids' schools were both closed yesterday. It was lovely having them home unexpectedly for a day. We went out and played in the snow in the morning, in some places we had almost a foot. We got the sleigh out and threw snowballs and made snow angels. Back home to dry out and warm up and then off to an eerily quiet Sainsbury's for a hot chocolate and some much needed
supplies - after all, we could be snowed in for a few days to come :-) The rest of the day was spent on the sofa with the heating and woodburner on, watching telly. I even managed to get some sock knitting in. I had to fit in a few hours of work but the rest of the day we just did nothing. No, I tell a lie: I. made this:

She has cookery lessons at school and this is the first dish she's made all by herself with no help from me at all. It was yummy and was the perfect dish for the end of a snowy day.

They're now both back at school and I'm missing them...

ETA: I've been tagged twice and will get round to doing them!