Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More running

Thanks for all the comments on my running frustrations. It seemed I had hit some sort of wall. Normally when I find that I'm not particularly good at something, I give up. With the running, it's been different. I have been determined to get to 30 mins running and although giving up has crossed my mind and there are days when it just seems too much bother to even think about pulling on those running shoes, I have never seriously thought 'I'm not doing it anymore'. I think part of it is that all the training schedules I've seen, make 30 mins of running sound so easy, and I won't give up on something that so many people find easy to do.

I have been going running on a more regular basis the last couple of weeks and it's paying off. I can tell my body is adapting, getting fitter. I managed to run 22 minutes this morning which is the longest I have done yet, and I felt I could have gone further. And there are points during the run when I'm finally enjoying myself, which makes it worth going. Of course, the endorphins after the run definitely make it worthwhile! Today's run was slightly marked by tripping over a tree root and falling smack on my knees and hands - I was glad there was nobody around to see me. My knee is grazed and my hands hurt a bit, but otherwise I'm fine. I'm surprised it hasn't happened before, and I know now to be a bit more careful on the forest paths.

Last week's run was cheered up by the sight of this:

It's been there two weeks now and so far I've only seen people look at it, but today as I was leaving, somebody sat down and started playing. Slightly surreal!