Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back on the ferry again

Mum has her PET scan tomorrow. Although she was going to go on her own, I could tell she was getting nervous about it so I'm going over to be with her. Only for a couple of days - overnight ferry there, back on the day ferry a day later.
It all seems quite different from the CT scans she's had done in the past - for starters, she'll be radioactive afterwards and is not allowed to leave the hospital by the main entrance as she'll be causing interference with all the hospital machines! (causing almost 8 year old N. to comment that she's going to be like a robot...)
The results are due the following week on Thursday, so I'll be off to Holland for those as well. I haven't actually booked the trip yet, as so often in the past you'd make an appointment, only to be called back earlier than scheduled, and I don't want to waste a ferry trip.
The waiting and not knowing at the moment are the hardest part. It could well be that in 2 weeks' time, we know that the abnormality found on the CT scan is something totally innocent. It could also be that we know it is another tumor. We just don't know at the moment and that is what the PET scan is for.
I've been feeling very tired the last few days. Totally wiped out by about 6 in the evening. I'm sure it's just emotions. I'm having a quiet weekend this weekend. Enjoyed a day with the kids yesterday and today it's so wet that I haven't even bothered getting dressed yet. I'm hoping it will give me some much needed energy for the days ahead. Let's hope that that is all the energy I'm going to need.