Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For 2 March 2010

Outside my window... I can see the sea. I am typing this from the ferry between Hoek van Holland and Harwich. Lots and lots of blue sea with a light blue sky over it.

I am thinking... I'm quite tired from yesterday.

I am thankful for... my dad helping out wherever he can at the moment. If it wasn't for him, I'd not be able to go and see mum so often.

From the kitchen... I have several sandwiches which both mum and dad have made for me for my return journey. Seems you can never stop the looking after which comes from being a parent.

I am wearing... a beautiful coat that mum bought me a few months ago in the sales. It's quite possibly the nicest coat I've ever had, it fits perfectly, is warm and it seems to suit me, so it makes me feel pretty. O and handmade socks and my Ishbel scarf.

I am creating... the last few inches of Ysolda's Peaks Island Hood which I've really enjoyed knitting. I knitted for several hours yesterday in the hospital. Nervous energy! Most people in the waiting room were awaiting a scan and therefore a bit nervous. Me knitting seemed to break the ice somewhat, as lots of people commented.

I am going... to start knitting a little baby hat as soon as the scarf is finished.

I am reading... The egg and I, by Betty MacDonald. And last night I read most of Little House on the Prairie. Which I've read countless times and it's still charming.

I am hoping... the next 8 days are over quickly.

I am hearing... the throbbing of the ship's engines (this makes it sound as if I'm on a cruise liner!)

Around the house... will be lots of things from Holland to sort out.

One of my favourite things... is the Hema. It is my all time favourite shop. Even this time I managed to squeeze in two visits. My favourite buy was a little Easter bunny wearing slippers with bunny ears...

A few plans for the rest of the week... nothing spectacular, a few days at work, lots of rest. Lots of waiting mostly!

Here's a picture for thought I'm sharing...

Will add this later as I haven't got access to my camera cable right now! (and the camera has a few lovely sea pictures on it).

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