Friday, June 18, 2010

I did it!

I went to weigh-in last night, not really wanting to go, as you sometimes don't when you've not had a good week. Imagine my surprise when I found I'd lost 3 lbs!

I lost 2.5 stone with WeightWatchers 6 years ago. I've followed their system on and off since then. It just works, it's sensible eating with the emphasis on increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat, as well as eating more 'filling foods' as they call them (wholemeal). No food is forbidden, they don't rule out certain food groups. They have loads of recipes - in magazines, in books, on the internet. I remember thinking after a few weeks that I had never eaten so well, and when I follow the system properly, I still think that. When I keep track of what I eat, I regularly end up with having eaten 7 or 8 pieces of fruit and veg.
Last summer I thought I was a stone over where I should be, and hadn't been to weigh-in for a long time. So I plucked up the courage and went back, only to find that I was only 4 lbs over my goal weight (the scales at home were very inaccurate and I've not used them since). But because you have to have at least 5 lbs to lose, I had to lower my goal weight a bit in order to be allowed to join.
Next followed a year of yoyo-ing. I'd get close, then something would happen and I'd put several pounds back on again. But a few weeks ago I got fed up with having to pay (you stop paying when you reach goal), I'd gone almost a stone over where I should be, and we have a party in July where I want to wear a rather slinky dress, and as said previously, I can use the money I save to help pay for some riding lessons for I. It suddenly seemed enough incentive and I found my motivation back.
B. took a few photos of me last weekend and one of them frightened me a bit - I was almost beginning to look too thin. So when I was weighed yesterday and found that I was back at my original goal weight, I had a word with my leader and said I didn't want to lose anymore. So she went off and came back with a gold envelope, meaning I'm at goal....
I'm very very pleased, I feel just right with this weight, I look at myself and don't think 'I could do with losing a bit here or there'.
Now the hard work starts though: maintenance. And often that is actually harder than losing the weight in the first place! At the moment I'm feeling very determined...