Thursday, June 3, 2010

A promise

Not sure that's the right word!

I have just switched WeightWatchers meetings. I used to go on Monday mornings and have really enjoyed that group, making friends along the way. But my increased hours at work meant I couldn't go to that one anymore. So I searched for another meeting and found one which I can attend after work if there are no hold-ups on the road.

I went for the first time tonight and it was a nice, small, friendly meeting. I'd lost a pound which I was pleased about (I'd lost the plot a bit over the Easter holidays and ended up having almost a stone to lose). I'm now 4.5 lbs off my goal weight. I'd already set myself a target of being at goal on 24 July, when we have a party to go to. I pay for WeightWatchers by Monthly Pass, which is cheaper than paying every week, plus you get access to lots of resources on their website. Every month, they send you a new pass, and while it doesn't cost much, if I reach goal weight, I don't need to pay again - and I'm quite looking forward to that.

So, I'm now officially declaring here that the pass I've just received in the post and that runs out on 4 July, is the last one I'll have in the post. 4.5 lbs in 4 weeks - that should be easy. By the time the next pass will be sent out, I want to be able to cancel the direct debit.
You can all email me on 4 July and hold me accountable. Please do. It will help spur me on.

(and if I do, I will cancel my gym membership too, where I've been for 6 years and still pay through the nose, despite me being a loyal member for years, and still have to pay for the kids to go swimming. And I'll use the money I'll save to get some riding lessons for I. who's come back from Wales loving horses even more than she did before. So there. You're all witness.)