Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday 2 August

It's been a little quiet around here. Not quiet as in nothing to do, but quiet as in silent. Last week on Saturday night I dropped 12yo and 9yo off with J. and the following Monday they set out to France to see their paternal grandmother, who recently moved there. They are travelling back again today and tomorrow morning I pick them up again.
As there was a computer available at work (I normally share a desk with a colleague who works part-time), I grabbed the chance of going to work all last week. I only work from home for the kids' sake and if they're not here, I'd rather be among people. It was great fun, I worked with someone who I hadn't worked with for months, I got to know several new faces, we ate far too much cake, we all worked hard, we went out for a celebratory milkshake and by Friday I was well and truly ready for the weekend.
The weekend was the usual flurry of doing chores (cleaning the car - yuck!) and things you've been looking forward to all week. It was no time at all before it was Monday and I was back home and back to working from home. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I really began to miss the kids. As in properly miss them, want them back NOW miss them. It's terribly quiet here, just Radio 4 and the two goldfish for company, the only mess around the house is the mess I make myself, nobody is arguing with each other, nobody is asking what we are going to do today. By this time tomorrow, I'll have them back with me and we will have been to the library and had a coffee in town. I am very proud that I haven't been bored a single second while they've been away, but now I'm ready to take up mothering duties again. 18 hours and counting.

Progress on the barn renovation. The grey you can see, is insulation. Windows are all in, so is the front door. Back doors are awaiting special hinges.

Yes that's me in my very unelegant cycling outfit cleaning windows in preparation of painting them.

Leaving presents for 9yo's teachers (washcloths with handcream). I now no longer have any children at primary school, which is a very odd feeling!

A beautiful stone porch to one of the many churches I discover during my weekend bike rides.

And this blur is B. going down the dry ski slope in Norwich. My camera doesn't cope well with lack of light which adds nicely to the impression of speed. He definitely was the fastest one there on Sunday night!