Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday 3 February

I failed miserably last week on posting a photo of what made me happy. Maybe I set myself a few too many New Year's resolutions. I'm managing to stick to the other ones reasonably well, but this one just slipped my mind until earlier this week. Ah well, one for this week then!

This photo made me happy for two reasons. Last weekend B. replaced my camera - yes, the DSLR he bought me for my birthday back in December. I was slowly getting to grips with it but found out a few weeks ago that it wasn't a 'proper' DSLR. We got a few recommendations for another one, he started looking on eBay and before I knew it he was bidding on a much more professional looking one (a Nikon D90). It arrived last weekend and I've been having fun with it ever since. It does seem a lot easier to use and takes nicer photos. I think I'll be enjoying it for a long time to come.
This photo is one of the first I took and I'm sure it's not up to professional standards, but I'm happy with it. Plus it's a lovely picture of 12yo - this is just as she is - growing up fast and loving modelling, but this is her natural pose. My big girl.

Happy that it is weekend. No big plans - 12yo and 9yo are with me tomorrow so we'll brave the cold to pop to the market after riding lessons, have some lunch in the cafe at M&S, and B. and I will have mussels for our supper. We have snow predicted for Saturday night, I'm hoping that I don't get snowed in in Norfolk so I can still get home on Sunday afternoon, but secretly hoping that school will be closed on Monday...!

O and that hat she's wearing? Not really hers... I knitted it for B. who years ago managed to lose a hat I'd knitted for him out of merino and silk yarn (the first item I'd knitted him too!). I found this pattern on Ravelry and it was called Honey I lost my hat. I couldn't not knit it could I. But it's so comfortable that everybody's been wearing it - so now one's on the needles for 9yo and I hope to get one made for 12yo next week too.