Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 29 February

For February the theme for the Popular Craft's swap was hearts. Ah, that's an easy one! Actually, it was quite hard to choose what to make as there are so many nice heart things out there. I think everything looks pretty with a little heart on it. My swap partner was the lovely Mandie, who really needs to start a blog (dropping a subtle hint!). We exchanged a few emails, exchanged a few more and found we had quite a lot in common. And so in the end it wasn't too hard to choose something to make for her.

I bought some pink coloured soap in Lyme Regis to go with it, wrapped it all up with pink ribbon and suddenly I had a pink theme too. Good job she likes pink!

And yesterday Mandie's parcel to me arrived in the post:

A gorgeous bag for my knitting - the bag looks much nicer in real life than on the photo, it is very soft, pinwale corduroy with a lovely lining. Plus a glass heart which is going to hang in my front window to replace the snowflakes I'd made for decorations during Winter, and 5 blue stitch markers - so happy with those as I'm always using odd strands of wool to mark my place in my knitting (or worse, don't even bother to mark my place - not a good idea!).

It's been a great swap, with best of all making a new friend. My only regret is that she doesn't live a bit closer!

PS On a totally different note, I had some good news yesterday: my car is repairable. Together with Mandie's parcel in the post, it probably goes without saying I had a happy day yesterday!