Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday 29 January

Another catch-up on my 100 Happy Days photo project. As I suspected, I fell off the wagon on days that I'm actually in work. I leave home before it's fully light, I come home in the dark, and no, I don't take my camera to work. So I've relaxed the rules for myself somewhat and decided that I'd still do the project, but won't force myself to have to have a photo every day, I'll just carry on until I have 100 photos. It works much better for me this way.

So here we are, catching up:

 Day 6 - three of my favourite things: blue, stripes and a handknitted dishcloth. The tea towels were a birthday present from my mum and currently my favourites.

 Day 7 - my favourite woollen blanket, keeping me warm in winter (present from dad from his annual Texel holiday)

Day 8 - car passed its MOT

 Day 9 - first sign of snowdrops

 Day 10 - sunrise from our bedroom on Sunday morning. We get up early on Sunday mornings for B's ski race training at 9am. Seeing a sky like that makes the early start worth it!

Day 11 - a carrot cake cupcake made by 11yo at school, my elevenses treat. He's been having cooking lessons at school and has come home with all sorts of delicacies (cornish pasties, sausage rolls, macaroni cheese). Above all, he's really enjoyed it and seems to be quite good at it too - although he didn't like the macaroni cheese himself at all, but that didn't matter as 14yo and I devoured it for him. Next week is the last lesson and they get to choose themselves what they want to make. He's chosen marshmallow brownies. Good job my WeightWatchers meeting is in the morning!