Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday 19 April 2015

I'm not quite sure why but I hadn't been out on the bike for a few weeks - I had a few other things on, amongst others a weekend in Derby meeting up with friends from an online group that has been going for years. Was lovely to see them all, catching up, going for an Indian, drinking coffee and doing lots of crocheting.

Now that the evenings are lighter again and yesterday being a lovely Spring day, I got into my lycra as soon as the kids had gone to J.'s and set out, with no real plan of a route. I discovered quite quickly that there was quite a strong easterly breeze, so decided to keep heading east and then at least I'd have the wind in my back on the way home!

I stopped at the church in Bradfield St. George. I've come past this church so many times and have always wanted to have a look around.

It was also a good excuse to catch my breath...
As I wanted to get as many miles covered as possible before it got dark, I only had a brief look around, but it's a very bright, airy church.

I only discovered the guide book hiding under the visitor book as I was about to leave. You can learn a lot from the guide book, even though often they're not very well written and badly photocopied - but they're full of interesting bits of history and tell you about parts of the church that you wouldn't normally notice. A good reason to return soon.

(the little holder on the left of the last photo is for an hour-glass that would show how much longer the sermon would be...)

Onwards, just following a well-known road but not knowing where I'd end up.

Very protective mummy sheep. Lamb refused to look at the camera.

After several miles I found myself in Preston, which is a little village I'd heard of when the children were still at primary school, but had never been to. By now the sun was beginning to set and the evening light was beautiful.

On my way through Preston, I'd cycled past a pub where a wedding reception was taking place, with a barbecue outside, plenty of smartly dressed guests, and a steel band. I could hear the steel band as I was wandering around the graveyard, which felt very surreal - very Suffolk countryside with Caribbean music in the background!

Unfortunately the church was closed already, probably because it was early evening, so this is another one to return to in the future.

From here it was still quite a push to get home before it got dark. I braved half a mile on the main road where my house is. When some boy racer in his clapped-out red BMW decided he needed to overtake another car right in front of me, I realised that the A134 really isn't a road for cyclists. At least there are plenty of countrylanes around here to choose from.

20 miles in total and pleasantly worn out!