Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday 1 April 2015

To my little man

Today you turn 13 - finally a proper teenager!

You've been showing teenage tendencies for a while though. You're beginning to sleep longer in the mornings, although I think you will probably always be an early bird and not so much of a night owl. You love your computer and you're a little bit lost when I say it's time to shut it down and go and do something else. When I ask you to do something in the house, I usually have to ask three times before it gets done.
But to me that's all normal teenage behaviour and something to be expected. It is such a pleasure to see you grow up and develop into an adult. You're such a generous, caring young man. Whenever I feel unwell or a bit sad, you will go out of your way to try and make me feel better, with blankets, a cuddly animal and the remote within reach. A few months ago your older sister was feeling unwell and stayed home from school. Before you caught the school bus, you put her duvet and pillow on the sofa, there was the bear that is yours but that she likes so much too, and there was a drink in her favourite glass on the side.
You also have a very patient side which is completely opposite to me sometimes getting stressed a bit too quickly. You stay calm, push me out of the way and quietly sort out whatever it was that was making me cross.
You are great fun to be with. I love going to Holland with you because you like everything there and you like the same things as I do, even the very simple things like going for a very quick bike ride on the little folding bikes that opa bought for us at the Hema a few years ago. I enjoy having you around in the kitchen because you have such an obvious talent for cooking. I like spending that half hour in Costa with you every week while your sister does the shopping and you do the Maths puzzles in the newspaper ever faster. I love cycling and playing table-tennis with you - specially because really, you're much better than me but you obviously still enjoy playing with me.
You often make me very proud, like last weekend when you took part in the squash tournament and you lost every match but you still enjoyed yourself. The way you never ask for big presents. How you didn't mind not having a television for a while. When I get told by your teachers how hard you work and how polite you are.

I say it every year but I am so very proud to be your mamma and I love you lots, exactly for who you are.

Happy birthday mijn kleine mannetje,
Mamma xxx

ETA the only photo I have of you from this year, as you hate having your photo taken...