Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moving day

It was only a little over a month ago that I posted that B. and I slept in his new house for the first time, and that the house wasn't anywhere near finished yet, but that the work didn't seem quite so insurmountable anymore.
After that first night there, it became a rather strange situation. When I was over, we would sleep in the new house, but still go back to his father's house for meals. His father was getting excited about having his space back soon and started to bring over more and more stuff, while B. was desperately trying to get on with finishing it all off. Last week the kittens decided that they could follow us to the old house and come in there too, which was the last straw for B.'s father, enough was enough, and this weekend was to be moving weekend, even though the kitchen isn't finished yet.
B.'s son decided to throw a spanner in the works though by swallowing a pen on Friday night (don't ask - he's 13...) and they ended up in A&E for most of Saturday. After an X ray he was sent home with a bucket and some plastic gloves... He's not out of the woods yet, if it doesn't come out naturally he has to go back to have it taken out, which is a procedure not necessarily without complications. Just a matter of wait and see - needless to say he's getting teased relentlessly!
In the evening we moved over a few necessities, battled the internet connection for a few hours and in the end gave up with a Chinese takeaway. And then we all went to bed. It was lovely, very strange but lovely. I never had any doubts that one day they would move in, but it has always seemed so far away. Even the last few weeks, when the house was so close to being habitable, I've not let myself think about it too much, I don't know why, maybe it has never seemed a reality. But it is a reality now and suddenly it has turned from a building site into a home.