Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's the chances of that?

Both children losing a tooth on the same night?

N.' s very first one, after a week of 'wobbling', now a very proud gappy boy. Me? My baby is suddenly not a baby anymore!

I.'s first molar:

More pics: kittens as we still call them, although really should call them cats now... About 10 months old we reckon, and despite their feral start, very friendly. Love being near humans - we wake up in the morning with usually both of them on the rug next to the bed, or on our duvet (B. calls them staplers gone wrong as you can't so much as move a toe or they will pounce). Having them around is making the house more of a home...

Snickers (also known as Babe or Snickeypoo):

Token (also known as Tokey):