Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday 1 April

To my big boy

You're nine today. Your last year in single figures, yet so close to double figures. And that's just as you are right now - so grown-up in one way, yet so small still in other ways.

You have changed so much since I wrote your birthday letter last year. You still like big words and you still talk a lot. You like being in charge but you are also the most generous person I could wish for. You've not changed there at all. But you only have another three months left at primary school before you'll follow your big sister to Middle School in September. Last year, I thought it impossible that you could ever seem ready to make that move. In the course of this school year though, you have changed, grown, matured, and you're ready now for a new challenge. Ready to leave the safety of that small, familiar school behind, which you have known for such a long time. Ready to take another step towards the big, wide world and ready to become that little bit more independent yet again.

Every so often I am reminded that parenthood is all about raising your child to become an independent person. But when I feel your hand in mine in the morning when we cross the road to the bus stop, I am secretly glad that you still need me to hold that hand sometimes.

Happy birthday klein mannetje

Mamma xxx