Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

I'm a little late in on this one, but then I only found out halfway through March, so I think I am excused!
A fun little photo project, every month you get 10 or 12 items you need to take a photo of. You can interpret them as you want, which is what makes it so much fun - trying to come up with an unusual photo.

Anyway, these are my ones for March.

Something sentimental:
This little chair belonged to my grandmother. She got divorced in the fifties and ended up pretty much homeless with three children under the age of 10. Apparently she bought this chair on the famous flea-market in Amsterdam. When I was 12, she passed away and the chair came to live in my parents' house, and then when I moved to Britain, it came with to live with J. and me. It was green originally and I painted it this colour blue and made a new cover for the cushion. It now lives in my bedroom and although it isn't the prettiest chair, I'm very fond of it.

Something green:
Discovered I was making this recipe in the same pan as in the photo with the recipe! Love my green Le Creusset...

Peeling paint:
Barn at B's farmhouse. The doors, windows and roof are all B's work. Apparently his dad insisted on using this particular paint on the doors, and B. warned him it would peel. Which it did.

Sunshine and shadows on B's kitchen floor early one Sunday morning

A lamb (or rather, a few lambs!):

Spotted on a bike ride

Something as old as you are:
Almost - this is from 1969 and I'm from 1970. This is the tractor we brought back from Holland almost 2 years ago.

A fancy gate:
This was probably the subject that we enjoyed the most. It really got us to look at buildings in a different light, and we still go around spotting fancy gates. This one is in Bury St. Edmunds and forms the entrance to a B&B.

A lion:
As real-life lions are in short supply around here, this is what I came up with. It's from a Dutch children's book, that many Dutch children grow up with.

A collection:
I've always liked dolls and specially rag dolls. The one on the right was a present from my mum to I. a few years ago, but she now lives on my bed. The other two were presents from the kids for Christmas and Mother's Day.

An empty chair:
This chair really is nearly always empty. It's my fourth dining room chair.

A ring:
I haven't worn rings since I took my wedding ring and engagement ring off 7 years ago. I still had some rings but most of them got stolen about 18 months in a burglary. The one that upset me the most was a ring my mum gave to me for my 18th birthday and which was meant to go to I. when she turns 18.
This ring is one that mum bought for I. last year.

A rainbow:
I'll admit to cheating here... I had trouble finding a rainbow, so I got I. to draw me one... Just as she'd done one, my dad mailed me to say there was a rainbow on the Lyme Regis webcam - but I missed that one.

I've very much enjoyed this month's hunt and am already wondering what to do for 'something to do with Shakespeare' for April's hunt!