Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuesday 5 April

Today, my big girl, you are 12. One more year before you're officially a teenager.

I remember so vividly visiting your Middle School during an open morning when you were almost 9 and were due to go there the following September. The oldest children were 12 and 13, and I couldn't imagine that you would ever be like those teenagers. I may even have thought 'she will not be like them!'
But now you are so similar to those children, and you know what? It's not really that scary. It's actually very enjoyable to see you grow up into an independent person, with your own opinion and likes and dislikes. Every day you grow up a bit more and you become a bit more interesting. It is fun to discover traits and characteristics which you have obviously inherited from your parents or grandparents, and ones that are just from you and make you the unique girl that I love so very much.

You are mijn grote meid and I'm so proud of you. Happy birthday!
Mamma xxxx