Monday, April 4, 2011

Mother's Day

Much as I enjoy being spoilt, I feel that Mother's Day can get very commercial. Cards, presents, flowers - it seems whatever you are supposed to be doing for your mum, it involves someone making money out of it. For me that is not what Mother's Day is about. A little bunch of spring violets that N. picks for me in the morning at the bus stop, or I. suddenly bringing me a cup of tea, means a lot more than the kids wandering around the supermarket trying to choose something that they think I might like.
So, I told them a few weeks beforehand that I didn't want any money spent. Any gifts had to be home made. They moaned a bit, mostly in the 'o trust her to come up with that' way, but I think in the end they enjoyed it.
And I did feel thoroughly spoilt: a bunch of daffodils and a pot with a primrose, two candles in the shape of their initials, a box with truffles (yummm!) and two handmade cards. N.'s text made me laugh: Sit down, relax, put your feet up and... get knitting! That's my boy :-)
I. took care of supper and made some lovely pizza breads, and I didn't have to clear up afterwards.
But the very best thing about Mother's Day? I get it all again in May, as that's when Mother's Day is in Holland!