Thursday, October 18, 2007

enough to do and getting nothing done

Why is it that I get so much done when I have lots of work on, and do nothing when work's quiet? How come I can think of a hundred fun things to do when I'm bogged down with thousands of words to translate, and can't think of a single one when no work comes in?

I had an evening 'off' tonight. I had several things I should have done, and several things I could have done. I didn't do any of them. I thoroughly dislike myself when I'm at a loss like that. It's not boredom, it's just restlessness.

Progress on N's room is frustratingly slow. The walls are done now, two coats of turquoise paint and it doesn't look too bad. I'm not sure about the colour but N. loves it. Next is the woodwork and yesterday I started cleaning and sanding the window. Only to find all the putty was coming out too. So instead of painting, I'll be on a hunt for putty this weekend. B. is going on a shopping trip for house supplies anyway, so with a bit of luck the putty will fall into his basket too. So instead, I painted a shelf. Now the walls need touching up again. Argh. Some days I wish I'd never started this redecorating lark. But then I tell myself that one day it will be all finished and I will actually be quite pleased with myself for doing it.

Last Tuesday was parents' evening at the kids' school and I had a friend's oldest boy over to save my friend a trip to school. He's practically the same age as I. (8, almost 9) but a totally different child. I. loves reading and writing stories, L. is into motorbikes and is 'building an extension' in the garden (his dad's a builder). He also likes cooking and last time he was here, he left with printouts of three recipes. This time he saw me knit on dad's sock and he was *fascinated*. He wanted to know all about it, then grabbed I.'s knitting off her and had a go. When he got home, he took his mum's sewing box and tried to knit with two darning needles. I think I know what I'm getting him for his birthday in January!

I'm off to Holland for a few days after halfterm. Mum's got to have an endoscopy and I want to be with her in the hospital, especially as they're keeping her in overnight. She's been ill for a few weeks now and for the first time I've found it hard to be living in a different country and not being able to see her, to see for myself how she is. I. and N. are staying with J. and seemed fine about it - N. wanted to know if I was going on the night boat and sleeping on the top or the bottom bunk... I'll miss them. I've not been on the ferry on my own before, normally I have two excited children and bags and bags of luggage with me, or B. who tells me all the technical details of the ferry, checks out the plumbing and discovers the bathroom of the cabin now has underfloor heating. Anyway, in November we're still going over for Sinterklaas, all being well with mum, so I'll look forward to that.

PD day here tomorrow, and half term next week. What's the chances I'll get even less done?