Monday, October 22, 2007


Cooking is one of the things I really enjoy. However busy I get, most days I make time to cook us an evening meal, although I cook very different things for B. than I do for the kids. B. is a dustbin who will eat anything, is actually a very good cook himself but also a very grateful recipient as he doesn't give himself any time to cook. N. and I. are a lot fussier, I'm sure as most kids their age are!

Tonight's supper went down fairly well though.

This is leek and potato soup (from Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course, which I got as a birthday present when I turned 19 and still use on a regular basis). It's probably one of my favourite soups which I make throughout winter when leeks are in season. It's easy to make, it's pretty and it tastes good. O and it's low in calories!
We usually have cheese and herb scones to go with it, which comes from Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes. I bought this book way back when I was weaning I. and it still comes out from time to time. I should use it more often as the kids always seem to like what I make from it.

For dessert we had apple crumble. I made one for B. and me last weekend as they have an apple tree laden with fruit at the moment, and as N. regularly asks for crumble, I thought I'd make some for the kids too. We ended up making it all together, I. mixed the crumble, I peeled the apples and N. cut them up in small pieces. The topping was half wholemeal flour, half porridge oats, and the fruit was just Cox's and a bit of cinnamon. Made some custard to go with it which went down well. A real seasonal meal!

Talking of seasons, I receive a weekly e-mail from here. The website has links to recipes, we've had the bramleys with beer and walnuts, and that was very good. It's a very informative site if you like to eat food when it's in season.