Friday, October 19, 2007


Yay, a tiny bit of progress! I met up with three friends for coffee this morning to celebrate one of them turning 40. She's got a snazzy coffee machine and lives on this big farm with plenty of room to roam around. In other words: 8 kids running around getting rid of some energy outside, giving their mothers some time to have a bit of a gossip...
I suddenly thought if I really pushed it, I could finish this sock for dad before I go over to Holland in ten days' time. So I sat and knitted while we chatted. And got a fair bit done. It'd be so good to get these out of the way and move on to something else - I want to knit some socks for ME!
My friend's boy ran past, took one look at my knitting and said 'mum, I want to learn to do that' (this is the same boy who was over here earlier in the week). I'd already rung my mum to ask if she could find him anything so I can teach him after halfterm. Not sure how his dad feels about it ;-)

On another note, what sound is much better than a 5 year old giggling at a Kipper video?