Monday, February 11, 2008


A few weeks ago I ordered some yarn from Ebay for a cropped cardigan, and one ball caught my attention - I don't know why, but it was just one lonely ball and it wanted to come home here. As they do ;-) When I saw it in real life, I knew it was perfect for I. as she hasn't outgrown the pink stage yet, and together we decided it'd be a beanie. I'd tried teaching her crochet the other day, but she wasn't particularly interested, but it whetted my appetite, so a crochet beanie it'd be. No pattern, just constant fitting and decreasing number of stitches to get the right shape. No fancy stitches either, just single crochets all around, and then a flower from here to top it off.

She wasn't keen on the flower to start off with but it seems to have grown on her and now she wears it all the time. The beautiful weather here made for some good photo opportunities, which we did this morning. Nice to finish something in such a short space of time (took 4 or 5 evenings of one hour sittings) and have it appreciated too!