Monday, February 18, 2008

Memorable meals

B. and I have a list of 'memorable meals' - meals that were so good that we remember them for a long time. This was one to be added to that list.
On Friday night I got a phonecall from B. as I was leaving work, to say that I shouldn't bring up any food, he was cooking me a meal. The house tends to take priority over everything else right now, so I was quite surprised to say the least! I got to his place to find him cleaning mussels, I'd mentioned a few weeks ago it was time we had mussels again. I'd found some reduced price sushi which we had for starters, then the mussels cooked in wine with a ton of garlic, followed by dressed crab with a homemade salad. The wine the mussels were cooked in was pretty good so we left it at that, rather than opening the bottles of bubbly you see in the photograph - saving those for another special occasion. Dessert was the heart shaped biscuits I'd baked. Followed by a Fred Dibnah episode and we had a pretty relaxing evening!

We're going through a cold snap right now - Saturday night at 10 pm my car registered -6 Celcius, which is pretty cold for where we are. This is the view from my bedroom window this morning at 7.45 AM. It doesn't quite show how white everything was - it was beautiful with the sun just coming up. It does make for very cold nights though, especially as N.'s back in his room and has taken the fleece blankets with him!