Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That didn't last long

I. has just admitted she thinks she's lost her beanie :-( I'm so disappointed. She wore it when we walked from the park (where we took the photos) back to the car park, I remember because she was in front of me and I wanted to take a photo of her as it looked sweet with her plait. We then went to Sainsbury's and to the pet shop, and I remember asking her that afternoon where her beanie was, and she said she thought it was in the car. Didn't think anything else of it, till this afternoon and it suddenly clicked with me that I hadn't seen it in the car at all. Have rung Sainsbury's and pet shop but no joy of course. It might still turn up, it could be at J.'s place although I doubt that, I don't remember her taking it with her yesterday morning, basically we haven't seen it since the 'photo shoot'.
She's inherited the genes of two parents who aren't the tidiest people in the world, but she also has a habit of being quite careless with things - which is why I'm even more disappointed... I suppose I'll get over it - right now I just want to make another one, but that would just give her the impression that you can just replace things and I want her to learn that she's got to care for her things.