Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FO Crossover Rib socks

I love love love these socks. They've been a long time in the making (I started knitting them when mum was in hospital, the yarn came from her) but the wait and work's been worth it. I do want to wear them and I don't want to wear them for fear of wearing them out!

Pattern is crossover rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. Bamboo dpns 2.5 mm, yarn is Regia Summer or something like that! I've lost the ball band. The colour reminds me of the beach, of the sea, of sand - I love being on the beach (something I inherited from my grandmother who I never really knew that well as she died when I was 12).

The stitch pattern eats yarn though - you start off with k2 p2 but then increase the 2 knit stitches to 5 stitches and gradually decrease them again by knitting two stitches together every 2 rounds. I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough to do the top of the foot in the same pattern so decided to use stockinette. As it is, I think it's probably worked out better - the socks might have been a bit too thick if I'd continued the pattern.

I can't wait to start wearing them - or maybe I'll leave them lying around for a while just so I can admire them for a bit longer...