Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still counting those three minutes

I've been struggling with this running level for over a week now. C.'s completely dropped out, as her ankles have been so painful she can barely walk, let alone run. GP said no serious damage, and to get some proper footwear fitted if she takes up running again. She's wearing expensive Nikes, I'm wearing cheapo trainers bought eons ago for a pilates class, and I'm pretty much painfree now that my muscles have got used to actually being used. Anyway, I've been training on my own for over a week now and have had real trouble with the three minute runs, to the point that last Tuesday I couldn't even finish the second one. I was getting very frustrated - normally I can tell my body gets used to the increase in pace, now I was just finding it harder every time I went!
I was wondering if dropping down to 2 1/2 minutes was an idea, but wanted to give it one more try to see if I could do it - and today I managed it. Still hard work, still dripping sweat, but at least I didn't feel I had to give up for fear of collapsing.
I've slowly come to realise that I probably won't be running all of the 5 K for Race for Life. The plan I'm following covers 9 weeks, I'm on week 3, and Race for Life is in a month. Fortunately nobody tells you you have to run it (I just set myself the challenge), I know I couldn't have tried harder, and I also know I'll keep it up after the Race, as I'm enjoying it. I've secretly got my eye on a triathlon ;-)

Apart from that life is ridiculously busy, so much so that I haven't touched my knitting in days - it's been back and forth to Diss so many times and I haven't even taken it out of the car on occasions. This weekend is a long weekend though, and I. and N. are with me on Monday, so maybe I'll get a bit of knitting in when we go to the zoo.

I. had her Brownie promise tonight. I remember doing mine when I was her age and it was very sweet to see her standing there very confidently giving her promise and telling Kingfisher what the Brownie law is. Compared to December when she was so upset about me having been away and mum having been ill, it's great to see her so full of life and confident again. And growing up.