Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 January 2012

I'm not normally one for making New Year's resolutions, and if I do, I certainly don't make them public as they're not very interesting. The last few years I've only made one and that was very mundane: to stop running up library fees... such a waste of money and entirely unnecessary! Have definitely done better this year, although not perfect by any means.

I'm not sure why, but this year I thought of a few different things. Maybe something to do with getting older and the passage of time...? I don't know...

One is posting here a bit more often. I often feel that I have to write a deep and meaningful post or not bother at all. But I often wish this blog was more of a diary, and for that you need to post a bit more often than once a month as I have done lately. So there we go, resolution number one, make this blog a bit more active.
The second resolution is something I read somewhere, I can't remember where. It was a diary where you wrote one line about that particular day, every day. And then when the year was over, you'd write another line about a particular day but in the same diary, so after a few years you could see what you'd done on a particular day three or four years in a row (does that make sense?!). I like the idea of writing one line a day. I'm toying with the idea of doing it here but not sure that is really feasible, although it would be nice with a photo to go with it perhaps - but hang on, that makes it a bigger task again and what I liked about it, was that one line was so manageable. Will have to mull that one over for a bit.

This is the monkey I knitted for 9yo for Christmas. I managed to cut a hole in his original white sweater when I sewed in/snipped off the ends which was unravelling rapidly, so on the ferry I knitted him a new sweater. And here he is showing off his sea legs. 9yo still loves him to bits. I love how he loves him.

And this is 9yo learning to play 'sjoelebakken', a traditional Dutch game. While I spent the afternoon with mum showing her how to use her new laptop, dad looked after 9yo and they mostly played games together. I think sjoelebakken was a big hit!

And my sentence for today is that we celebrated mum's 68th birthday with a walk in the woods, an afternoon teaching her about her new laptop and a meal at a local pancake restaurant. It's been a nice day.