Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday 20 January

My somethings that made me happy today have not really been photo-worthy this week. Yes, I have written a something that made me happy today every day, but they've not been things that I could take a photo of. And no, I'm not posting photos of me in my flannel pyjamas and socks and hot water bottle crawling under three thick layers of bedding (it's been cold here in the UK. And in my 131 year old cottage it's usually colder than it is outside).
I have only taken a few photos this week and I can only post this one. But, it is of something that made me really excited this week - so excited in fact that I finished off the second one tonight, even though they were supposed to be part of a knit-along where we were all supposed to knit at the same speed.
And would you believe that I took this photo while holding my camera with my left hand and pressing the shutter button with that same hand? Blur all in the right places...
Pattern is Cafe Au Lait Mitts (Ravelry link) - I am looking forward to drinking lots of lattes in Lyme Regis with these next month.