Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back home but for how long?

I came back this morning from taking mum to hospital. She's had her test done to check why she's been so jaundiced for the past 8 weeks (had an endoscopy). It was quite a shock seeing her, she was much more yellow than I'd imagined, and much more ill too.
The test was done at the end of the afternoon and as it was under heavy sedation, she had to stay in overnight for observation. When the blood test came back clear on Wednesday morning, she was allowed to eat again and then discharged.
In short, we still don't know what the problem is, the only thing they've ruled out now is gallstones. Which makes it more likely it's more serious, and the specialist she saw this afternoon for her follow-up appointment, said they think it's something to do with her pancreas. She's been referred to a more specialised hospital, where she'll go in the next 7 to 10 days. I'll be going back over again to go with her, especially as she'll probably have another, fairly similar test.

It was both good and frustrating to see her. Good, because I hadn't been able to see her since she'd become ill, and frustrating too as I realised how ill she really was and how little I could do - I wish I could help her out with shopping, cooking, a bit of cleaning, so she can rest. She manages pretty well on her own, but it's the one occasion where you want to help out and you can't.

There were some fun moments too. I managed a little bit of shopping before the hospital, I managed a load of knitting, and the best bit was when I arrived back at the port and checked in, to be told I'd got a free upgrade to a 'comfort class cabin'. I'd booked a standard, one person inside cabin which is absolutely fine when all you do is sleep on the ferry, but this was a very welcome surprise at the end of two very tiring, emotionally draining days - I don't normally have a telly, toiletries, fruit, crisps, wine and chocolates in my cabin, and nobody normally tells me that the fridge needs to be emptied and that if I can't finish it that evening, to put the rest in my suitcase!!