Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nothing much to report

Everything still going well. Dad and I went to see her at 11 this morning and she'd just got back into bed after an hour of 'activity': a bit of walking around. She sounded really tired but perked up a lot after an hour or so.
The gastro-nasal tube had been taken out as her stomach seems to be coping fine, and this afternoon she had a glass of yoghurt with a rusk crumbled into it, which she really enjoyed.

I bumped into her specialist in the afternoon and said thank you for acting so swiftly. She'd had blood tests done last Thursday and he said he'd almost admitted her on the Friday (rather than Monday) as he could tell from the test results that she was deteriorating. It's only now that she's getting better that I realise how ill she really was.

The only small problem so far is that her diabetes is playing up. This is quite common with this type of operation, it could settle down again or it might be something that she's got to live with from now on. She had a few insuline shots today and it's just a matter of wait and see.

We're hoping she can come home the middle of next week. She's then coming to stay with dad and me for a few days, I might go back to Britain for a weekend and come back here, but it all depends on how well she recovers.

I'm now trying to fit in work as well as visiting her - having to travel 2 hours on the train back home tonight hasn't helped my concentration and I think I might just call it a day and veg on the sofa with the remainder of my glass of wine!