Friday, November 30, 2007

Coming home

Mum rang me at 9.30 am yesterday to say she can come home today. She'd been given the choice between today and tomorrow, but felt ready enough to come home today. So last night when I went to see her, I came away with a box full of flowers and plants, so we don't have to bring those today along with everything else she's collected over the last 11 days. We still haven't got the results from the biopsy, apparently she's got to come back for them so I've told them I'm over from Britain and would like to get them before I go back. It's been put on her file, so with a bit of luck they can fit us in early next week.

Yesterday was a grey, dreary day, with lots of rain and not a hint of sunshine. It started getting dark at about 2. When I drove the hospital at 4.30 pm, I drove through little old village with beautiful houses. Most of them had their lights on and everywhere there were candles lit. And though it was cold and grey and wet outside, those little lights were just heartwarming.

It will be a very different drive to the hospital today from the drive we took 11 days ago. It is great to go and pick her up while she's looking and feeling so much better and back to her old self. At the back of my mind is the inevitable question though: what next? Her recovery from the operation has been the most important aspect the last week and a half, but we're both aware she might not be out of the woods yet.

Today though I'm just going to feel relieved that she can finally come home!