Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Short update

I can keep it really short: she's doing really well. She's back on the ward, she's come off lots of drips, she's moving around more (in bed - she doesn't even feel much like getting out of bed) and she's drinking - which was one of the best bits today, as one of the complications can be a 'lazy' stomach which means you vomit all the time, but she's kept everything down. The other good news was that the surgeon who operated came to see us and said during the operation they sent off two lymph nodes for analysis, which came back clear. If they hadn't been clear, they wouldn't have carried out the operation (apparently it's one of the biggest operations they perform).

Because she's in a room of her own, the nurses aren't worried about visiting hours, so I stayed with her all day today, which made both of us feel better. It's tiring but I feel so powerless sitting at home - the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was ring the ICU to see how she was.

It's so great to feel so much relief after weeks of anxiety and worry....