Monday, November 26, 2007

Two steps forward, one big step back

No chance of mum coming home this Wednesday :-(
Her drain had been leaking a lot overnight and she's suffered quite a bit of pain with it - the first time she's really been in pain. When the surgeon came to see her this morning, he put her on a fat free diet (apparently this helps to stop the wound fluid) and told her she won't be leaving till the end of the week at the earliest. They took out the last drip tonight, which means the big one from her neck has now gone and she should be much more mobile, were it not for the fact that everything feels bruised and aches, and she can barely move. She has trouble getting back into bed - I put the bed on the lowest setting and it took her five minutes to get back in, as everything inside her tummy seems to hurt. We went for a brief walk but she only made it to the end of the ward and back, and walked ever so slowly - she's less mobile than she was straight after the operation. Still no news on the biopsy.

On the positive side, she prefers the room she's in now over the old one. There's only two of them and the man in the bed next to her is very quiet. I rang her this morning and got him on the phone, and tonight when I went to see her he winked at me in recognition, so he seems nice.

On another positive note, all the travelling and trying to fit in work was getting to me a bit. I had a long chat with dad about it last night, and decided to change my visiting schedule. I worked for most of the day today at home, then did a bit of shopping and sorted out the cats and drove over to the hospital for 5 pm, which is official visiting time. With her being in a shared room, I didn't feel happy about staying all day either. It worked much better - I didn't have to worry about not getting my work done, the traffic was much better as it queues in the other direction, and she was more relaxed too as she'd obviously been worrying about my work too. So tomorrow I'm doing the same thing.

Shame not to have her back just yet, but in a way I'm relieved she's still in capable hands. It just feels safer.

O and I'm getting quite a lot of knitting done - must post photos of N's finished scarf, some socks, and I'm now knitting a pair of socks for myself and a dish cloth. And this morning I spoke to a friend who said she wanted to get back into knitting and could I get her started when we meet up - it's contagious!