Tuesday, November 27, 2007

what a difference a day makes

Like she was a different person!
I rang her this morning at midday to see how she was. They'd shortened the drain and she can now empty the bag herself. They'd taken the 'stitches' (staples) out, all 24 of them - yikes! Her diabetes seems to be behaving itself, no insuline shots at all today. And she'd had her first shower and washed her hair, and she'd had a coffee - first one in three months! She said she didn't really enjoy it, but with skimmed milk and probably rather bitter coffee, I can't blame her. Think a visit to Starbucks is in order ;-) She's got her appetite back (was eyeing up her neighbour's food and swapped her kiwi for my satsuma) and was just full of energy when I went in at 5. She was talking about doing things when I'm still here and she's recovering, she'd been reading all day, she was talking about gardening - the old mum had been missing for a couple of days, but she's back for sure! No mention of a going home date, but we're hoping Thursday, although it could well be Friday. She'd asked the surgeon about the results of the biopsy and he's chasing them up - we'd rather have them before she comes out.

Now that the worst worry seems to be over, for now at least, I'm beginning to miss the kids and B. I speak to all three of them every evening, but it's not the same as being with them. I want to give them a cuddle and go to the park with them again, and I want to see what B.'s done to the house and cook him a meal and have a glass of wine with him. It'll be hard to leave Holland, but slowly there's beginning to be room in my head for my other life again.